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1. Incoterms® 2010 Rules

Incoterms is an abbreviation of “International Commercial Terms” and is an international rule regarding the terms and conditions of trade established by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).
It has been established with the aim of avoiding differences in the interpretation of trade terms and conditions, and “Incoterms® 2010” has been issued on January 1, 2011.

Incoterms® 2010 Rules Quick Reference Chart

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* Incoterms is a registered trademark of ICC.

2. Types and sizes of marine containers

Due to the increase and diversification of transport cargo by containers, the types of containers used are also increasing.

In addition, internationally standardized containers are required to smoothly operate an integrated transportation system using containers. For that reason, dimensions, strengths, and external dimensions are standardized by I.S.O (International Standardization Organization).

Container type

(a) Dry Container

Most popular and used for many types of general freight transportation.

(b) Refrigerated Container <Reefer Container>

It is intended for transportation of refrigerated and refrigerated cargo(Fresh foods such as fruits, vegetables, meat and shellfish, and chemical products such as films) and generally has a built-in refrigeration unit and can maintain a predetermined temperature.

(c) Open Top Container

It is intended for transportation of bulky and heavy objects, and by opening the roof part, cargo handling from the upper part is enabled.

(d) Flat Rack Container

It is intended for long, heavy, or large cargo that cannot be packed in containers, and has a structure that allows cargo handling from the left and right and above without having a roof portion, both side surfaces, and door surfaces.

(f) Tank Container

It is intended for liquid cargo such as malt (raw liquor), soy sauce, foodstuffs, and liquid chemicals, and has a structure in which a tank is stored in a steel frame.

Container size

Dry Container size

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Refrigerated Container size

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